Thursday, January 31, 2013

I hope I don't forget!

It has been so long.  These kids to the most awesome things and I am going to forget...I think I won't and then one day I can't remember how the boys used to say McDonalds and I am so sad.  So, the past few days have been super funny and I must write it down so when I forget I have a reminder!  In the past couple of weeks, Molly has been shortening everything.  She has this little pink sparkley dolphin that came with some mermaids from Grandma Bock.  She LOVES this dolphin and has named him/her Dolphy.  Dolphy is way to long I guess so it is now Dolph, movie is move, lovie is love...etc!  She is so silly.  It makes me laugh everytime...she is not allowed to watch Happy Endings but she talks just like Penny on that show!

Yesterday Aaron and Elliott were wearing outfits for summer even though it was cold and snowing...they really miss being able to run around naked and playing outside without bundling up.  I don't know what it is with clothes but pants/shorts are always super big on the boys.  They had on elastic waist shorts and I noticed you could fit another Elliott in his pants.  I said something about him being sooooo skinny.  Aaron said "I am not skinny but my pants are big too!".  I told him that he was also a skinny kid...his reply was so incredibly unexpected....he said "I'm not skinny, I don't look like a hotdog!"  That was hilarious and I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe...but what was even funnier was how funny Elliott thought it was.  His giggle is infectious and he was practically rolling around on the floor laughing!

A few days ago, Andrew was getting frustrated with Molly...we were in a hurry like always and Molly wanted to pour the milk on her cereal I think.  She was being very Molly and Andrew said something about wishing she would let him do things for her.  Aaron said something along the lines of "when she does things herself you don't have to...its like you are the winner".  So profound!  He said I said that to him one time...I don't remember saying it but it does sound like something I would tell him when he was acting like the mom.  Aaron and Molly have the crazy relationship.  They are either very best friends until the end of time or trying to kill each other.  Molly is so good at instigating....Aaron is too...

Lastly, last night Andrew made a comment about how he has had an ebay account since 1993...that date might be wrong...did we even have internet in 1993?  Maybe it was 1997??? Anyway, I said "wow, that is a long time...I didn't even know you then" he replied "I know! I didn't even know be then!  I have changed so much" isn't not nearly as funny now that I am writing and reading it...oh it is in cyberspace forever!

Maybe I need to make more notes about life I am currently baking whole wheat honey bread in the bread maker hoping it is as good as Great Harvest.  ummm...we are trying to rid our lives of processed foods and it is so hard.  The boys are in their second year of PreK but I want to homeschool them.....I just feel like I will fail because so many people in my life are so very against I am dumb and wouldn't be able to help them learn....what else, oh the bathroom in mostly finished which is awesome but so much more money than we expected.  We are hoping to replace the flooring in the upstairs super soon and maybe then we won't be embarrassed when people come seems like stained carpet and super ugly linoleum makes all the clutter and kid messes even worse. I mean, I go to fancy houses and the owners are like "oh my is such a mess in here" and I just don't see it...maybe because the house is fancy....or maybe we really do live like pigs..Oh!  I read that instead of using refined sugar or a sugar substitute to put real maple syrup in your coffee...BEST THING EVER!!!  Not only am I using something not processed but I get to feel like Buddy the Elf every morning!  AWESOME!  Ok...enough of this.  I need to make some graham crackers and hopefully make them in to groundhog shapes so Aaron can bring a groundhogy for PreK snack tomorrow.  Phew...maybe I can commit to writing once a week...this morning Andrew and I were remembering how Elliott and Aaron used to sing him to wake up in the morning...their song was "wake up daddy, wake up daddy, wake up daddy, wake up daddy" and later he taught them that if the pulled on his ear he would get up from a sitting or laying silly!  Best dad ever!

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