Thursday, January 31, 2013

I hope I don't forget!

It has been so long.  These kids to the most awesome things and I am going to forget...I think I won't and then one day I can't remember how the boys used to say McDonalds and I am so sad.  So, the past few days have been super funny and I must write it down so when I forget I have a reminder!  In the past couple of weeks, Molly has been shortening everything.  She has this little pink sparkley dolphin that came with some mermaids from Grandma Bock.  She LOVES this dolphin and has named him/her Dolphy.  Dolphy is way to long I guess so it is now Dolph, movie is move, lovie is love...etc!  She is so silly.  It makes me laugh everytime...she is not allowed to watch Happy Endings but she talks just like Penny on that show!

Yesterday Aaron and Elliott were wearing outfits for summer even though it was cold and snowing...they really miss being able to run around naked and playing outside without bundling up.  I don't know what it is with clothes but pants/shorts are always super big on the boys.  They had on elastic waist shorts and I noticed you could fit another Elliott in his pants.  I said something about him being sooooo skinny.  Aaron said "I am not skinny but my pants are big too!".  I told him that he was also a skinny kid...his reply was so incredibly unexpected....he said "I'm not skinny, I don't look like a hotdog!"  That was hilarious and I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe...but what was even funnier was how funny Elliott thought it was.  His giggle is infectious and he was practically rolling around on the floor laughing!

A few days ago, Andrew was getting frustrated with Molly...we were in a hurry like always and Molly wanted to pour the milk on her cereal I think.  She was being very Molly and Andrew said something about wishing she would let him do things for her.  Aaron said something along the lines of "when she does things herself you don't have to...its like you are the winner".  So profound!  He said I said that to him one time...I don't remember saying it but it does sound like something I would tell him when he was acting like the mom.  Aaron and Molly have the crazy relationship.  They are either very best friends until the end of time or trying to kill each other.  Molly is so good at instigating....Aaron is too...

Lastly, last night Andrew made a comment about how he has had an ebay account since 1993...that date might be wrong...did we even have internet in 1993?  Maybe it was 1997??? Anyway, I said "wow, that is a long time...I didn't even know you then" he replied "I know! I didn't even know be then!  I have changed so much" isn't not nearly as funny now that I am writing and reading it...oh it is in cyberspace forever!

Maybe I need to make more notes about life I am currently baking whole wheat honey bread in the bread maker hoping it is as good as Great Harvest.  ummm...we are trying to rid our lives of processed foods and it is so hard.  The boys are in their second year of PreK but I want to homeschool them.....I just feel like I will fail because so many people in my life are so very against I am dumb and wouldn't be able to help them learn....what else, oh the bathroom in mostly finished which is awesome but so much more money than we expected.  We are hoping to replace the flooring in the upstairs super soon and maybe then we won't be embarrassed when people come seems like stained carpet and super ugly linoleum makes all the clutter and kid messes even worse. I mean, I go to fancy houses and the owners are like "oh my is such a mess in here" and I just don't see it...maybe because the house is fancy....or maybe we really do live like pigs..Oh!  I read that instead of using refined sugar or a sugar substitute to put real maple syrup in your coffee...BEST THING EVER!!!  Not only am I using something not processed but I get to feel like Buddy the Elf every morning!  AWESOME!  Ok...enough of this.  I need to make some graham crackers and hopefully make them in to groundhog shapes so Aaron can bring a groundhogy for PreK snack tomorrow.  Phew...maybe I can commit to writing once a week...this morning Andrew and I were remembering how Elliott and Aaron used to sing him to wake up in the morning...their song was "wake up daddy, wake up daddy, wake up daddy, wake up daddy" and later he taught them that if the pulled on his ear he would get up from a sitting or laying silly!  Best dad ever!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

oh Elliott...

So, we were watching Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey. Upon seeing The Man in The Yellow Hat (Ted) kiss his girlfriend Elliott started a funny conversation with himself. He said "she's pretty like miss Katie" Miss Katie is his favorite teacher at church. She was in the Monkey room and the boys are Lions now so they don't have her anymore. He then said "she is a girl and you and you are girls (pointing at Molly and I) but we are boys" He then turned to me with such a happy little face and said "do you want to see my wiener?" I told him I didn't. He turned back around, looked in his Disney Cars underpants and said "its still there!!!" Its not nearly as funny written as it was when it happened a few moments ago but I hope that in 20 years I will read this and remember how so very funny it was! Earlier today when the kids were napping I was watching an old episode of Rookie Blue. When they got up, I turned it off by pushing "live TV". It went to PBS and a workout program was on from like 1984. Elliott went to the bathroom to poop and Aaron and Molly started working out! So funny! I will post a picture if I can. I went to check on Elliott. He told me is was singing the "poop song" and that it ended with "splash" HAHAHAHAHAH....I asked him if I could hear the beginning of it and he told me "it's not in English so just leave me alone"...okey dokey! I love him!

Notice Aaron's leg and what they are doing on TV. Molly kept putting both of her legs on the couch with her hands on the floor! Awesome!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have been thinking about a girl I worked with when I first moved to Elkhart a lot lately. We started working at the Elkhart Co Child and Family Services at the same time....had the same supervisor...were in the same training....and pretty much hated the job! It was working with foodstamps, TANF, and Medicaid. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Anyway, I looked for her on Facebook probably a year ago and I think I friend requested her...guess she denied me...anyway she has just been on my heart so I searched her again and found a "Pray for the Neff's" page. I went to that page and read that she gave birth to a baby on December 31st 2008 that because of birth trauma was left without oxygen for 11 minutes and died just a week after being born. In April she had another baby boy who is perfect. I know this because I did some more stalking and found her blog. I started reading the blog from the first entry. Its just so tremendously sad. I can't even handle thinking about how it would feel to lose a baby...makes my heart sick.

Thank you Jesus for my 3 perfect children. Please help me to love them like You do and have more patience then the saints!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have to type this out before I forget!

When Molly was about 18 months old I took one of the boys frog potties down for Molly to use if she decided to potty learn early. Tonight before I stuck her in the bathtub she was sitting on the potty (as she does sometimes) with her diaper on. I took her diaper off and explained that it would be awesome if she pooped or peed in there. She sat back down and REALLY tried to poop...she didn't but at least I know she knows what to do in the potty. After baths I told her that if she needed to pee she should sit on the frog potty. She ran to the bathroom (she runs everywhere...she runs down hills and NEVER falls down...its nuts). I asked the boys if they would see if she peed in the frog potty while I gathered their jammies. They said she didn't but she nodded her head yes that she did. I forgot all about this until the boys were in the bathroom before they went to bed to brush their teeth and pee. There was a little puddle just outside the frog potty. I asked Aaron if it was Molly's pee and he said yes...I then said that it would be pretty awesome if she started using the potty and wearing undies like they do. Elliott made the observation that she is too little to sit on the big toilet like they do and that she would fall in. He said he would be really sad if we flushed her! He then said that the police would come and get her out. Aaron agreed that it would be so sad if Molly got flushed because we wouldn't "have our baby anymore". He also agreed that the police would come and get her out...that the police man would use a fishing pole and get her out of the toilet. I am so glad they love her enough to make sure they have a plan to fish her out of the toilet. What sweet big brothers Molly has!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, I haven't posted in forever and now I am not even going to write about the kids!!! Well, Maybe I will at the end = )

Today at Church the sermon was about Heaven. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Creating a picture in my mind of beautiful mansions and never feeling pain...only crying tears of joy...that stuff is easy but thinking about relationships in Heaven is just too much. The pastor said that there is no marriage in Heaven...that its better...that our of our relationships are better. That they way we relate is different...I just can't figure that out. He said that a guy had a question about Heaven...that is first wife died and he remarried so who would he be married to when they were all in Heaven...the answer was that its just totally different and better but I can't figure it out. When Andrew and I are both dead and are reunited in Heaven will we not know of our history...will we not know each other...that makes me so sad ...I don't want to lose what we have and this is just nuts because we are talking about HEAVEN!!! So I just put the kids down for their naps and am wondering will I know them in Heaven? Will I know how special my teeny preemies are? Will I look at Molly and remember what a surprise she was and how she enriched our lives so much? Will I even care? I want to care...I don't ever want to forget so how exactly are these relationships going to will things be better? Its really hard for me to articulate what exactly is going on in my brain...its sort of like that tiny part of a class I took that was philosophical . I just think myself into circles and I think will eventually go nuts. I am crying...this is absurd. I am just heart broken just thinking about losing these relationships even though it is promised to be better...I just don't understand what could be better and I guess that is how God is. We can't understand what we don't know and I guess I won't know how its all going to work out until I get to Heaven...

Now onto the kids...They are so silly...Elliott and Aaron say such funny things and do such funny things! Elliott panicked in the car after church today because he said he left his babies at church...he then said he looked all over for them but couldn't find them and finally that they were in his tummy the whole time. Aaron often talks about his babies too. Molly doesn't say many words we understand but she does say "addy" and calls almost everything she loves "addy". She cannot be without her lovie but I am sure we will always remember that! Elliott is really excited to go to preschool but we don't know how we are going to afford for them to go. We can't send them to public school because that is scary and its 5 days a week! I can't send my 3 yr olds to school 5 days a week...that is nuts! I want them to be allowed to be kids. What is the big rush these days. Why do kids need to know how to read in Kindergarten? I really just want them to go to preschool so that I have a few hours a week without them! I also think they need to be around more people...they are a little socially weird. We really want to send them to Peoria Christian but its almost like sending them to college with how expensive it is. There is a Methodist preschool that is much cheaper but I feel like we are settling if we send them there. Ugh...
Maybe someday I will print this blog so I want to just add that Molly had tubes put in in January after having 5 or 6 ear infections in 8 months. The dr said he cleared a lot of gunk out of her ears...she seems so much happier but bath time is kind of a pain with her ear plugs. The boys LOVE to take them out of her ears with she is out of the tub and she is so cute just standing there and letting them!

Both boys are able to put pants and underpants on by themselves and can usually not put anything on backwards or inside out! They love riding bikes outside and Aaron goes soooooo fast! Aaron is still huggie and sweet while Elliott is super active perhaps a bit "spirited". All three give the very best hugs and kisses! Molly is really into reading books. She is also very fiery! She does not put up with the boys taking things from her and I think will soon be able to beat them up! Its really fun to watch the boys make up new games and really play together. It has to be awesome to live with your best friend! I feel bad for Molly lots of the time. She tries to play with them but they don't want her to. Its so sad. She wants to do everything they do and pretty much can...except when her height gets in the way...she is pretty short = ) Ok...what else...Elliott is very sensitive to smells and Aaron is just really sensitive. I really should be writing down every funny thing they say and do...I really should. Maybe I will start today?

We want to visit Great Grandpa Schimdt in Florida this fall. I was thinking we would go in October but Molly will be two then and I want her to fly free so we will have to go before her birthday. Grandpa Schmidt has not met Molly and hasn't seen the boys since their first Easter! I was hoping that Katie and Grandma Bock would also come at that time but since we haven't planned anything and Katie is going to have a baby at the end of July/beginning of August that all may not work out. Aunt Sharon wants to come with us! If we get to go I will want to find a way to visit the Joy, Dave, Brenda, Josh and baby Amelia too.

I guess I am done for now..hopefully not for another 6 months though! I know some day I am going to be sad that I can't remember everything and will really appreciate the silly things I wrote.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

funny kids

Just some things I need to remember

Andrew just told me that Elliott's attacks in his shark or monster hooded towels are getting fiercer...that made me laugh.

Tonight we were coming home from Kohls and Aaron says to Elliott "call me Aaron, not yayin" funny! He said it over and over and over...then he changed it and said "call me yayin not Aaron"...Writing it down makes it not seem as funny. I hope that someday when I turn to blog into a book that I will remember this time and still thinks its funny!

About a month ago we were all in the car in the Walmart parking lot. Elliott was freaking out...he was hungry and just really really upset. He said that he wanted Molly's french toast...we give Molly these little french toast bites but he said that it was really big french toast....we couldn't make him calm..he was so upset. Then Andrew told me to look at Aaron. Aaron had the removable headrest pillow thing from his carseat over his pulled his eyelids up and he was just sitting there looking sooo goofy and smiling while his twin was seriously distraught!!! Andrew and I laughed so so so so hard and couldn't stop! It made Aaron laugh too...he won't do it very often now but when he does its great!

Friday, October 8, 2010


So Elliott is so funny! He has been calling me "honey" and "jen"...I tell him that he calls me "mommy" and he laughs and says "JEN JEN JEN JEN JEN"! He has also been asking Aaron when I tell him no...for example...Elliott: "mommy, can I have Pepsi" Me: "no Elliott, drink your milk or I can give you a cup of water" Elliott: "I'm gonna ask Aaron"...a few seconds later Elliott: "Aaron said yes!" This happens ALL day long! I keep telling Aaron to tell him no but he ALWAYS says yes!

Both boys are putting together super longs sentences but its still hard to understand all of their words and some people can't understand them much at all. I think they are fine...actually...I wonder if Elliott is fine but it has nothing to do with his language development.

Aaron is so sensitive and sweet...and he throws everything which sucks...I have to tell him all day long not to throw things unless they are soft balls but he throws blocks and shoes and dolls...He is still "good conscience" of the two. They are playing more together and talk to each other...their conversations are so funny! Elliott seems to like to play alone more than with someone and that has me somewhat concerned.

Molly turned 1 a week was a sad day for me but she is still a baby..can't be called a toddler until she toddles and she doesn't toddle yet! She says mama dada, and uh oh...and she clapped for my dad when he finished installing her ceiling fan...and it sounded like she tried to say grandpa! She stands and doesn't hold on and I think she could probably keep her balance and walk but she doesn't. She almost stood up without pulling up in the bathtub tonight...oooh...she LOVES the bathtub...Elliott is now afraid of water in his face. I am sure he will remember that its not scary soon...I am glad this happened in the fall instead of the summer when he really needed baths. Anyway...just wanted to write some things down that I want to always remember. I need to make this a fun blog so that people will follow it and the people will want to advertise on it and I can make some money!!! I am funny...I can write funny...funny things happen here on a daily sometimes hourly basis...surly I can figure this out.